Growing up in Ventura County in a single parent household, my family and I were always tenants in some landlord’s house, moving from rental to rental. My Mother and siblings never really felt what it was like to have a real home, a home of our own. By the time I reached junior high school, I had a great desire to learn more about real estate as a career. I figured by educating myself in the field of real estate I could hope to achieve the dream of homeownership someday, and be able to help others. A few years after marrying my lovely wife Susan my dream finally came true when we purchase our first home in Moorpark, California. I have now been married for over 32 years and have three beautiful children, which was another of my dreams. My next challenge was to succeed in real estate investment.

Now that I have reached my personal goals in real estate, I want to share my experience and education with others. My goal today is to encourage people to realize their dreams of owning their own home and investing in real estate. My experiences growing up as a tenant fostered in me a deep respect for the security and pride that comes with owning your property. Home ownership has been the center of my vision of what great achievement is. I want to help others to achieve homeownership and guide them in making sound and sustainable real estate investments.

It took me years of education and training to become a real estate professional. Now, I hold over 24 years of experience in all levels of real estate, from single-family houses to commercial properties and investments. My extensive experience with mortgage finance and equity investments adds additional value to my clients. I am here to help in every aspect of your real estate transactions. The vast majority of my business derives from word of mouth referrals, and professionals alike, which is the greatest testament to the quality of my service in which I provide. I am committed to educating people about real estate and fostering growth and development in our local communities for the benefit of all.

My greatest passion is being able to see the smile in my clients face with joy. I have lived and worked in the Ventura County and surrounding areas for most of my life. I look forward to helping you with your real estate transaction needs and having the honor of providing outstanding service with care