Real estate has always been an excellent investment opportunity. Today, we are in a “down market” where prices are lower and investment opportunities abound. I am well versed in the investment market in Ventura County and have 18 years of experience helping people invest their money wisely in real estate. Whether you are thinking about getting started s a real estate investor, or are experienced, I can help you tap into the power of real estate as an investment. Here are just a few of the investment possibilities I can help you with:

  • Foreclosures
  • Short sales
  • Rehabbing
  • Lease options
  • Quick flips
  • Taking title “subject to” an existing mortgage
  • Low risk strategies
  • Commercial real estate
  • Tax deductions
  • Land-lording
  • Real estate paper (trust deed, discounted mortgages, etcetera)


For me, being an investor is about more than making money. It is about helping others solve their problems and reach their goals. As an investor, you will be able to make a profit while, at the same time, benefiting others in your community. There are creative solutions that make it possible for all parties involved in a real estate transaction to win. These situations are what make me passionate about teaching and helping others to invest in real estate.